Let Your Parking Lot Show Its True Stripes

Let Your Parking Lot Show Its True Stripes

Expert stripers serving Monroe, West Monroe & Ruston, LA and surrounding areas

Don't leave a parking lot wasteland in front of your business. The team at Twin City Striping & Maintenance LLC will clear up any parking confusion with bright, clean stripes. Our team will paint parking stall lines, handicap stencils, custom stencils and any other striping needs you have. Our paving company is also available to:

  • Install traffic signage (For example: stop signs and do not cross signs)
  • Add ADA signage
  • Stain ADA ramps
  • Install concrete wheel stops
  • Add other traffic control devices (For example: speed bumps)
  • Remove existing striping

Call 318-614-3139 to learn how we can work for your West Monroe business.



Design a parking lot for maximum efficiency

Have you ever been stuck trying to get out of a confusing parking lot? Don't let the front of your business turn into a road rage pressure-cooker. Call in the pros to design a parking lot that makes sense for your business. Here are a few elements of well-designed lots that our team can create for you

  • Brightly painted lines
  • Straight line markings
  • Functional entrances
  • Functional exits

Ensure your business makes a great first impression. Call Twin City Striping & Maintenance at 318-614-3139 to design your parking lot in West Monroe, Monroe, Bastrop, Ruston, or surrounding area town.