Speed Bump Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Did you know that speed bumps are the most widely used method of reducing the speed of traffic? Speed bumps are used in parking lots, neighborhoods, and shopping complexes to ensure that traffic speed does not exceed the speed limit.
If a vehicle was to go over a speed bump at speeds over 5-10 MPH then it could possible cause damage to the car. Since the purpose of a speed bump is to slow traffic down, it is important that the speed bump is not installed in an area with a high speed limit.

If you are interested in installing speed bumps then there are a few things that you should consider including:

•Where will the speed bump will be placed?
•How do you want to control the speed of traffic?
•What do you want the layout of the speed bumps to look like?

Twin City Striping and Maintenance provides speed bump installation, repair, and maintenance in Ruston, West Monroe, Monroe, Calhoun, Farmerville, Jonesboro, Sterlington, Columbia, Winnsboro, Rayville, Bossier, Choudrant, Mangham, Richwood and surrounding Louisiana areas